Research Hindrances

Research Is Gathering Or Searching Of Information Usually To Solve A Mystery.

Aspero Research Does Research In Order To Give A New Ability To HumanKind.

Research Is Connected To Every Human Being. Everyone Does Research In Their Field,

But Only Few Able To Accomplish Their Research Successfully, Due To Lack Of Sources, Direction Etc.


Aspero Research Is An Independent Non-Profit Research Organistaion,

Which Welcomes All Technical Researchers And Organistaion,

Who Are Working On Really Something Inspiring,

But Facing Some Difficulties To Get The Research Done.

Aspero Research Has Two Patents In Its Name,

Has Accomplished Succesfully Many Researches Independently

And With Collaboration Of Many Researchers And Industries.


Some Of The Inspiring Researchers,Who Had Shown Trust In Us, And Together We Did Projects Which Were Really A Boon To The Society And Industries, Beside That They Really Inspire us And Taught Us Many Things During Research

They Are:

Mr. Chirag Pandya (Additional Commissioner, Rajkot,INDIA)

Mr. Deepak Patel (Director,Vulcan Wending, Morbi,INDIA)

Mr Savan Marvaniya (Director, Merge Industries, Rajkot,INDIA)

Mr. Alexzander Forest (Backend Developer, RUSSIA)

Mr. Shahriar (Embedded Engineer, AUSTRALIA)

Mr. Anatoly (Embedded Engineer, RUSSIA)

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