MMU Development Board

Development Board That Unite Man And Machine Through MMC Protocol.

MMC Protocol

Protocol Used By MMU Development Board.

"PATENTED" Phase Crossover Drive For Motor

INVENTED First Phase Crossover Drive Invented For Submersible Motors,Which Works in Single Phase and Three Phase.


INVENTED Adjustable Synchonorous Speed Brushless Motor Drive Is The First Motor Drive To Eliminate Gearbox Changes Torque Without Changing Pole/Frequency/Gearbox.

Capacitive Feather Touch Sensor

Capacitive Feather Touch Sensor Which Eliminates Proximity, That Works Upto 4mm Thick Glass.

Digital Voltage Controller

Digital Voltage Controller For Electrolytic Rust Remover to Minimize Rust Remover Size And Improve Its Voltage Stabilization.

RMC Cycle Sharing Project

An IT Solution For RMC Cycle Sharing Project, Which Won "NATIONAL AWARD FROM CENTRAL GOVERNMENT".

Pole-Reposition Theory

Pole-Reposition Is The First Theory To Propose That Motor Can Change Its Torque Or Synchonorous Speed Without Changing Its Pole Or Frequency.

This Theory Led To The Invention Of ASBLM Drive.

Electric Hybrid Vehicle (EHV)

Researched On Design Requirements For Electric Hybrid(EHV) For Indian Roads.

Presented Research Work At KOREA In EVS28 Symposium, Which Was Nicely Received For Giving New Insight Of EHV In Asian Market.

Hybrid Magnetizer and De-Magnetizer

First Hybrid Magnetizer and De-Magnetizer Developed To Increase The Productivity, Which Can Magnetize and Demagnetize Electromagnetic Metal.

Customizable SRM Motor Drive

Customizable SRM Motor Drive Is Applicable For Spinning Mill Drive And Very High Speed Equipment With Precise Rating.

Redesigned Single Phase Welding Machine

In Redesigned Single Phase Welding Machine, L Filter Has Been Introduced That Increase Power Upto 35% By Optimizing Current

A circuit Has Been Introduced That Is Responsible For Smooth Voltage Control.

Redesigned Submersible Motor

Developed naked Body Winding Process, Which Reduces The Cost of Submersible Motor Has Been Reduced With Improved Efficiency, By Reducing Copper Usage by 20% and Body Size By 15%.